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Dee Fischer at an event

Grins & Giggles Pediatric Dentistry

"Hi Dee,
I hope that all is going well with you!
I want to let you know how thankful I am to you for the success of my practice. I could not have started Grins and Giggles without your expertise and have realized the same success that we have enjoyed and continue to enjoy.
Thank you for everything!"
-Alissa Dragstedt

Dee Fischer at an event

Smile Shoppe Pediatric Dentistry

"Dee has a been a disruptor to our practice in the best ways possible. We now have a much more aligned and cohesive team that is focused on running a dental practice in an optimal way. I don’t think other consultants would have been able to see into the issues that were preventing our quest for growth and excellence or have the courage to address the issues head on. The journey wasn’t always easy, but through improved communication skills coaching, vision refinement and accountability structures, we are well on our way to the practice of our dreams. "
-Dr. Jeff Rhodes

DiMeo Family Dental

"Dee Fischer and the Fischer Professional Group are the best! We have been working with Dee for almost ten years now. Dee helped us build a successful practice from “scratch.” Dee possesses a wealth of information and has extensive knowledge in all phases of Practice Management including the following, to name a few: Initial Practice Startup, Office Design and Expansion; Advertising, Information Technology (IT), Practice Software Installation and Maintenance; and last but not least, Office Staffing and Team Management. The Professional Group also has additional auxiliary personnel who are able to assist with accounting, loan applications, website design, legal services, and any other aspect of Practice Management you can think of. We cannot say enough great things about the Fischer Professional Group! Their services are highly recommended. We would not have the highly designed, modern, efficient dental office we have today if it wasn’t for them. Dee Fischer is also a very compassionate and caring person, who gives prompt attention to her practices when they are in need. Highly recommend!"
-Dr. DiMeo

Dee Fischer working with Dr. Ajmo's team

PGA Dentistry

"Over the past 33 years, I've worked with a number of dental consultants who've helped grow my cosmetic and dental implant practice in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. I now own 3 dental practices and realized the vast majority of dental consultants couldn't help me lead and grow multiple practices, but then I met Dee Fischer.
Dee brings a whole new perspective to practice development and multi practice management. She has decades of hands-on experience running her own multi-practice group, so she knows what works and what does not. She brings with her an extensive network of relationships with business leaders in the profession, so she can help decide who to work with and who to avoid. I'm really grateful to Dee for providing me so much guidance and insight into developing my multi-practice group. She's helped me succeed in so many ways and also helped avoid a few major mistakes."

Michael Rodriguez

"A few years ago, I was introduced to Dee Fischer during a time when I was struggling with the process of opening my own practice. I was worried that I could not handle doing it on my own, and had corporate dentistry talking in my ear about how I should join them and how impossible it would be to do it by myself and be successful. Our very first conversation, Dee spent over an hour with me on the phone; I was immediately reassured that opening a practice on my own was something that I could indeed handle. She helped me along the way for almost 2 years; taking the time to speak with me on the phone when I needed advice, helping me analyze existing practices, coming with me to look at practices, and so much more.

About a year ago, I purchased an existing dental practice. Dee was there on site day one, helping me navigate my first day of practice ownership. As the practice consultant, she has helped me overcome virtually every obstacle you can encounter; from staff issues, to insurance credentialing, insurance reimbursement issues, how to track the office metrics, remodeling, payroll, etc. Dee recommended some marketing strategies that have been very successful, and have helped our practice grow quickly. During the first year working with Dee, the practice has gone from doing 30k per month to 80k per month and new patient counts have grown from 10 to 50. There is absolutely no way I could have achieved this success without Dee’s help and recommendations. In fact, I’m not even sure how I would have gotten through my first year without her; there are so many situations that I look back on and say to myself: ‘How would I have done that without Dee?’ Her years of experience have been invaluable, especially for someone like me who is a first time practice owner.

The most unique thing about Dee is her true desire to see me be successful. You can feel her positive energy and enthusiasm walking through the door before she has even said a word. There are many days when I feel like she cares more about my practice than I do (and trust me, I care a lot!). She just really knows how to push me and help take me to that next level and has helped me to set my goals big.

While there are so many stories that I could share to exemplify how Dee goes above and beyond as a practice consultant, this one speaks to her character the best:

We came to work Monday morning with a missing Dexis x-ray sensor. For the life of us, we could not find this sensor anywhere. Dee asked if someone may have thrown it away, and of course we all dismissed the notion as impossible. We had also been using the same cleaning service for years and they would never do that. Dee asked where the trash cans were, and we said that it’s trash day and they are out by the curb. As I hung my head, resigned the fact that I would now need to spend 10k on a new sensor, Dee put on gloves and headed outside while the assistant followed, confused. Dee then proceeded to look through every trash bag in the garbage cans. As the rest of us sat inside, honestly wondering why she was wasting her time sifting through trash, Dee walked in a few minutes later holding a $10k gift in her hands. No, it wasn’t a fancy diamond ring. It was our lost Dexis sensor, which had been accidentally thrown away by the cleaning lady.

What other consultant would ever do that in a million years? I am so grateful to have Dee on my team through this journey of practice ownership. She has given me the tools, and helped me believe that I can be successful as a practice owner. Without her, I might have never even taken the risk to go this direction with my career. For that I am forever grateful, and I look forward to continued success together in the future."
-Michael Rodriguez

Team at First Impressions Dentistry

First Impressions Dentistry

"I've been working with Fischer Professional Group for about 6 months now. Dee has been a tremendous help on guidance through the pandemic in terms of staffing, masterminding and helping obtain supplies and PPE. Now that things are more "normal", I've had the opportunity of seeing Dee in action at my two practices. We are beginning to implement better systems throughout the organization. I see the potential impact this has and I am looking forward to working more with Dee to take my business to the next level. "
-Dr. Matt Cole

Shoreline Dental Care

"Dee is Awesome! She generously shares her knowledge and resources with all who seek. Her approach is hands-on with non-stop energy and she connects with everyone. I must say that her entire team is wonderful and giving- a total class act! "
-Joe Tartagni D.M.D

Tender Care Pediatric Dentistry

"On our very first visit, there were suggestions made that have already saved us hours’ worth of work. I can’t wait for our next consultation!"

Valley Grace Dental

"Good afternoon. I am writing to thank you from the depth of my heart for referring Dee to me. The practice is doing quite differently than the last time we spoke. I have lost an associate who's trying to take my patients to open another office and sabotage me and at the same time I lost my manager the day before Dee and Tammy arrived. Dee and Tammy have just left the office after spending two spectacular days with our office. I've found their weighted presence, amazing knowledge and wonderful communication lifting my team and morale. It's actually a lot more than that. They also lifted me through this difficult situation of which I am so very much grateful. I just want to thank you again. Life does interesting things. It is very coincidental that they come in at this turbulent time to help me. I look forward to working with them continuously into the future. Thank you for being a friend and a mentor on my journey"
-Dr. Andrew Huang, DDS

Northcutt Dental

"I am very pleased to give Dee Fischer my highest recommendation. We were brining her in to help with our corporate structuring and reorganization. She has not only exceeded our expectations in that area but has pointed out multiple areas that could be improved that were not on our radar. After trying just a few of her suggestions and witnessing the fantastic results, we were sold. We truly cannot wait to see what other areas where we have been missing out!"
- Dr. Tracy Northcutt
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Dee Fischer

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